Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Transformers: The Beds, not the Toys

Clei is an Italian company specializing in ultra-hip convertible beds that put most people's concept of a Murphy bed or sleeper sofa to shame.  I discovered the line while browsing in Jesse Chicago, a downtown furniture store with their own line of media and storage furniture/cabinetry that is equally cool.  But the special section devoted to the Clei line, which I visited as an afterthought as I was about to leave the store, really blew me away.

And the salesperson explained that the Italian designs are actually sturdy enough to be used every day - like, if the piece functions as your child's desk or your home office, you could also use it as your child's or your primary bed and switch it back and forth every day without wearing it out.  Not sure why, but it's hard to imagine an American company coming up with something that works this well.

Here's a contemporary-style sofa setup that converts to a full or queen bed (can't tell for sure), without having to clear off shelves...

Clei "Atoll" Sofa/Bed

Look - it even has storage for bed linens, throw pillows, etc.

Here's a cool desk setup that transforms into a bed without even needing to clear off the desk.

Clei "Cabrio" Desk/Bed

This is a view of a room with the Cabrio bed/desk as well as another simpler Murphy-bed-style piece - imagine how much floor space this room would have with both beds folded up!

Now check this out - a cool, contemporary sofa that actually transforms into a BUNKBED!  The company writes, "DOC is a comfortable sofa with fully removable covering that with a simple movement and no strain becomes a practical bunk bed, provided with a safe ladder integrated in the structure which is both a support and a protective barrier."
Clei "Doc" Sofa

If you're interested in any of these pieces, or anything else from their line for that matter, email me!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Highlights from the Old Town Art Fair

Last weekend, we attended the always inspiring Old Town Art Fair here in Chicago.  I collected information from several artists and wanted to share with the world!  I'll try to post again with more of the artists we saw later.

W. Michael Meyer - oil painter specializing in landscapes using large, intentional brushstrokes and bold colors

Indian Summer

A View Through

Morning on the Farm

Wisconsin Dairy

Leah Evans - textile artist focusing on quilted renderings of maps and biological subjects

Industry's River, 21"x25"

Symbiosis, 21.5"x25.5"
Pottery Boys Clay Studios - specializing in hand-thrown vessels with crystalline glazes resembling microbes or stone inclusions