Monday, April 20, 2015

Highlighting a Favorite Chicago Artist: Josh Moulton

The Chicago Theater, Josh Moulton
Someday I'll Join You, Josh Moulton

I hope Josh Moulton isn't creeped out by how much I love his paintings.  We crossed paths in a class with our children several years ago, but I had no idea what a wonderful artist he was until recently.  He is a photorealistic painter focusing on landscapes and cityscapes.  He also does commissioned pieces depicting almost anything, but especially people's favorite homes and landscapes. 

Here are a few representative pieces from his collection.  His gallery is located in Lincoln Park in Chicago, and he sells original paintings as well as prints. 

Wouldn't these be equally wonderful in a home or a corporate setting?  Imagine having him capture the beauty of your family home before your parents move out (something admittedly on my mind recently.)  His portfolio online is quite prolific - check it out here!

Chicago River Bridges, Josh Moulton
Lincoln Square House, Josh Moulton
Rented Field, Josh Moulton

Mayfair District London, Josh Moulton

Next Stop, Josh Moulton