Monday, August 22, 2011

Scrapwood Wallpaper - Does It Get Cooler Than This?

I just got an email with the coolest product I've seen in a while - wallpaper made to look like scrap wood.  It is actually printed heavy duty paper, which was clarified to me by a site selling the product after I was fooled by the images into thinking it was actually thinly veneered because of the life-like appearance of the wood pieces.  The designer is Piet Hein Eek out of Holland (where it's manufactured.)  The product won the ICFF Editors' Award this year.

It would be great in all kinds of rooms - entry, powder room, kitchen, bedroom - basically anywhere you want to bring a touch of organic, historical warmth.  It's nice to get some muted color and illusion of texture into a room without requiring any special trades or DIY knowledge.

The papers can be purchased here at 2Modern.

Monday, August 1, 2011

More Cool Wall Designs

Somehow my last post about wall designs became my most-visited page ever, which inspired me to research more cool wall decals.  This post will focus on some bedroom options I've discovered.

Blik has a fabulous selection including an assortment of pretty cool headboard-specific decals.  This is probably the most cost-effective way to get a custom headboard that adds a lot of character to a bedroom.  They're especially smart for small bedrooms where even a few extra inches of depth takes away from the area around the bed.  These add flair without taking up valuable space (or money!)

This Gothic one is my favorite, although it's quite dramatic.  But come on, live a little.  I think doing it in two dimensions makes it much less intimidating:
Blik Mid-Century Gothic Headboard
These two are simple and classic:

Blik Nessa Headboard

Blik Wrought Iron Headboard
If you're in the strange predicament of having too much wall space and not enough furniture, why not try creating a sense of fullness by using these silhouettes of shapely antique furniture?  I can't see putting much besides a glass console in front of these images.  But in a wide open space, I love this playful look.

Blik Classical Must-Haves
Finally, I love this captivating city pattern for a kid's room.  I've tried to research the designer, Boodalee, but keep hitting dead ends.  Still, the cached images a simple google search turns up are super-fun.  Here's hoping we see more from Boodalee in the future!

Blik Boodalee City
Have any of you successfully used wall decals yet?  How did it go?