Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wow, Sweet Locker!

A distinctive look that can be yours from LockerLookz.com
I really enjoyed this article in the New York Times about tween locker decor.  This category did not even come close to existing when I was in high school, let alone middle school.  In my day, we had magnetic mirrors (which wouldn't have stuck anyway to the quaint wooden lockers my middle school still used), and I suppose you could have gotten creative with contact paper.  It would have taken a lot of work to add the type of pizazz in the image above.  

I'm also not sure it would have seemed very cool to shellac your locker with cutesy designs your mom bought for you.  It's hard to believe it does now, but evidently I'm not the master of tween psychology - these entrepreneurs who've cashed in on it are.

Now there are chandeliers, wallpaper, and other cutesy decorations from multiple outlets (like this one) just waiting to let tweens personalize their domain - as long as you're content to choose from a palette of pink or purple birds, flowers, or other tween cliches (at least that's how the accompanying images in the article seem to make it look.)

I do have to say that a functional light could certainly be useful in a dark, skinny locker.  That's the one thing I do wish we had had.  I'm going to bet that these take off, especially now that LEDs are getting more ubiquitous.

It's definitely worth a look for a quick giggle - and a "thank god I'm out of middle school" prayer.