Friday, December 2, 2011

Design Blog Spotlight: Under Spanish Moss

In researching trumeaus for a client with an especially large over-mantle area in her living room, I came across some stunning design blogs with luscious images.  One of them is Under Spanish Moss.

She has a whole post about trumeaus, which are traditionally rectangular painted wood-framed mirrors with a larger panel above the mirror featuring a carved or painted motif of some sort.  The carving could be floral, musical, or even food-related.  As the original style was popular several hundred years ago (in the Regency period, roughly the first quarter of the 19th C.), antique and reproduction versions often feature peeling or distressed paint.

Here are a few of the photos she featured.

Source: Veranda via Under Spanish Moss

Source: Veranda via Under Spanish Moss

Source: Veranda via Under Spanish Moss

I also found some other posts with copious images of trumeaus, like this one.  Here are a couple of their images.