Friday, February 17, 2012

Pinterest Post

A Bedroom from my "Favorite Places & Spaces" Board on Pinterest
Well, I've done it.  I began pinning on Pinterest and can see what everyone's getting so obsessed over.  I have friends who pin recipes, craft ideas, and all sorts of other things but I'm finding it a great resource to pin photos from vendors and designers that inspire me.

I'm amazed by the scope and rabbit-hole feeling I get when I see how many directions I could go on the site.  There are so many other pinners and topics to follow, it's a visual explosion.

I've divided my home decor pins into two boards: "For the Home", which will contain images of individual items I love, and "Favorite Places & Spaces", which has overall room views or vignettes.

Go on over, and if you like what you see, follow me!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Resource Focus: MadeGoods Accessories

I've posted before about MadeGoods, a handmade mirror, lighting, and accessories source I love.  I recently used one of their unique mirrors in a project and it is just as unique and delicate in real life as it appears in photos.  Here's the one I used:

MadeGoods Adem Mirror
I was reminded of their more recent addition of a wide accessory line when I came across these bookends in Real Simple.  I have loved shagreen ever since I became well acquainted with it while working for Robert Couturier.  Shagreen is stingray skin, although people often confuse it with shark skin.  We frequently used it for accessories like boxes, trays, even wastebaskets.  We worked with a marvelous NYC studio who made custom pieces for us.  These handmade, yet in-stock, MadeGoods faux shagreen pieces are a wonderful option as well with beautiful, subtle colors and functional designs.

Made Goods Worton Bookends
Here are some other charming faux shagreen accessories.

Trays are always useful - to be set on an ottoman, to display photos or glassware, to add texture, and to use when entertaining.
Made Goods Set of 3 Trays
A candle sconce adds interest to a wall without requiring an electrical location.
Made Goods Darren Faux Shagreen Candle Sconce
And you can never have too many pretty little boxes - for jewelry, keys, or just decoration.

MadeGoods Cooper Set of 2 Boxes

MadeGoods Anna Box
Go on over to MadeGoods for more of their gorgeous items - and if you want to purchase any, drop me a line!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Italians Know What They're Doing

Sometimes I get contacted by a vendor whose work is so stunning I simply have to share.

For example, look at this Italian custom furniture company, Rho Furniture.  They don't have much of a web presence, but they sent me some tearsheets of their gorgeous work and it's just amazing.

The family company was started in 1881 and specializes in all wood furniture including custom dining/conference tables and boiserie/paneling.  They employ 24 skilled craftsmen using the highest level of production techniques.

Have fun drooling over these elaborate pieces, and as always, contact me if you are interested in ordering or researching any for yourself.