Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Traditional Inspiration

One gift of my former work at upscale residential firms in NYC and Chicago is the appreciation of traditional design.  My education at New York School of Interior Design also extolled this sort of work and gave me the historical background to understand the evolution of design through history.  For example, the room below owes much of its design to the French Louis XIV/Louis XV style.  You don't find rooms like this often anymore, at least not in 99% of the homes you'll see, because people tend to find them stuffy and pretentious.  Honestly I couldn't see myself living in this room either, but I love the pure concept of it as a base of inspiration for something more updated.  If I'm not going to be asked to execute one exactly like this, at least I can look and admire.

Guest room from Ronald A. Grimaldi's apartment, Grand Flourishes, as it appeared in the April issue of House & Garden, 1999:

Guest Room in Rose Cumming "Sussex" Chintz

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Cute Little Textile Shop

I love these adorable patterned items a friend shared a link to on Facebook.  They're by a Chile-based textile designer who writes,

Karen BarbĂ© Textileria is her own brand of handcrafted textiles and accessories inspired by traditional crafts, folklore, textiles and crafting. All products are made in small runs.

Loving the colors and mix of patterns on this bag and pillow.



And I also love these other sweet potholders and pillows - might need to research more cross-stitch items!  I think updated handicrafts like this are the next wave.