Monday, September 12, 2011

Even More Cool Wall Designs: Toto, we're not talking "country kitchen" anymore.

"Lisboa" Stencil - OMG, Love!!!!

I have to thank my client for turning me on to Cutting Edge Stencils, a shop with awesome wall stenciling options at Etsy.  We had been searching high and low for a wallpaper to substitute for an unavailable original selection and just kept hitting a brick wall when it came to matching the overall colors and feel of the original.

Next thing I knew, she forwarded me this link and I was thrilled - what a perfect solution.  The area to be papered was actually quite small, not even a whole wall, so the stenciling idea wasn't too overwhelming and it seems like stencils have come a long way in terms of ease of application and variety of designs.  Toto, we're not talking "country kitchen" anymore.

Here are some of my favorites from various vendors at Etsy, but feel free to wander around and discover your own!

Warming up... pleasant geometrics...
"Shipibo" Stencil

"Eastern Lattice" Stencil

"Kagami" Stencil
Always love anything resembling caning...

"Camel Bone" Stencil

And love Moroccan influence...
"Large Moroccan Key" Stencil
Or you could go whimsical...  If you know me, you know I'd love the next one.  Perfect for the allergic cat lover!
"Cats" Stencil