Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Different Woodcut Artist

"Rubber Ducky in the Last Frontier"

Here's another artist we seriously contemplated buying something from at the Old Town Art Fair this weekend - her name is Jenny Pope and she also does woodcuts. Hers are compositions of animals she's presumably come across in her travels. There isn't any bio on her website, but there are plenty of images of her work. We met her at the fair and she was really nice.

"Sleeted Chicklets"

I love her color sense with the muted, retro feel she gives to all her work. I also love that these would look great in more contemporary or traditional homes. The colors make them feel really modern but the richness of the compositions and the variety of color within each one make them compatible with traditional spaces as well to some extent.

"Australian Spotted Jellyfish"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Applique Genius Chris Roberts-Antieau

Another artist we LOVED at the Old Town Art Fair this weekend was Chris Roberts-Antieau of Manchester, MI, whose work is sold by Red Truck Gallery in New Orleans. She works completely in fabric - all the pieces are appliqued in fabric and thread, not painted (except for the frames, which she hand-paints herself.)
According to the gallery's write-up, this artist is not only prolific but extremely accomplished, having works displayed in the White House (portrait of George Washington), the Boxing Hall of Fame (tribute piece to Sugar Ray Robinson), and the homes of Oprah and various other celebrities. She has shown in over 100 galleries nationwide and many museums as well.

Her pieces are very whimsical and lend themselves to being displayed in any number of types of room, but would obviously fit especially well in a casual, family environment. The subject matter is diverse, ranging from blues singers and somewhat more adult themes to more kid-friendly fare like pets and food. Even the less kid-oriented stuff is still rendered "cute", i.e. King Kong above, by the primitive style though.

The work wreaks of originality and exhuberance, and just on the website, there are a huge number of pieces displayed (only a few of which we saw at the fair - most of the ones that they had there aren't even on the website) This woman must never sleep!

I love that lot of her works are not just focused on one central image, but rather feature lists of some kind (whether it be a list of types of sandwiches or of bad habits to avoid). These lists seem like they would take quite a while to compile, edit, determine appropriate imagery for, and then arrange into a pleasing composition.

You can scroll through a lot of her works at by selecting her name under the "artists" menu. Of course, being fabric, they are even tougher to do justice to online, but they're absolutely still worth a look. You can enlarge them all to see more of the detail and read the words on the works and frames (all of which she hand-paints herself.) She is a wonderful artist whose work I hope I come across again!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gorgeous Woodblock Prints

Today we visited the Old Town Art Fair. It was the most gorgeous day and seeing all the artists' works, whether we liked them or not, was just awesome visual stimulation.

We ultimately ended up purchasing the print above, titled "Full Moon", by Nick Wroblewski. He is based in Madison, WI and has an amazing selection of woodblock prints. Check out his gallery here.
Oh, and we got this one too, of a Red Bellied Woodpecker. It's smaller but the color and design really grabbed me.

There's just something so energizing about seeing original art, and witnessing such a large crowd of other people enjoying it, no matter what your taste.

I'll post about some of the other artists we saw in some future posts.

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Portfolio Pics

I got to accessorize with my western-suburb client yesterday, and it was super-fun! We bought a bunch of things with the expectation that she would return whatever didn't work, but it turns out that nearly everything was useful. And we really nailed the aqua color we were shopping for, finding candles, potpourri and vases that matched the chairs exactly. Usually I don't care if the shades are a little off, but we were lucky to find several retailers that carried collections with this exact color.

Anyway, go to my gallery at and check out the first five photos there for some more pics. And see my previous post on this project to view some before and during pics of the same rooms.

Beautiful Bedding

I was shopping with a client this week and saw some gorgeous bed linens at Crate and Barrel and Z Gallerie. I know, what?

Here is the Crate and Barrel Tamburiini pattern by Marimekko. It's actually somehow silvery and reflective but not stiff. I love intricate prints like this. This could work in a very sparse, mod, white lacquer-y space or a more decorated, pretty, traditional room.

I also saw this bed done up in Z Gallerie's Plaza bedding, which was displayed under a wonderful white tent (inside the store) with a crenellated flap outlined in black. Not sure if the tent is for sale, but knowing them, probably. Z Gallerie is the king of random when it comes to retailers. Anyway, these linens had very nice embroidery. The quality isn't Pratesi, but at these prices, I thought the overall effect was very upscale. I am not wild about the Euro shams with the enlarged pattern. Dig the parrot though.
And they offer some matching drapery panels, but they are on sale so it looks like they may be discontinued - I'm not sure. I would use them to frame a shower or bed since they are fairly thin but the design is so pretty.