Friday, January 21, 2011

Young America to Launch New "Mix" Collection

I was kind of wowed when I received this new catalog from Stanley Furniture's Young America line.  The upcoming "Mix" collection combines some very sleek, timeless styling with a great color range and pretty detailing.  The furniture is simple and attractive enough to last through adolescence and beyond if you're smart about the color selections.  It's also gender-neutral - not too heavy, not too delicate.  I particularly love the look of the crib (despite the lack of storage underneath.)  And they've been smart about space-saving and/or kid-friendly features like convertible cribs, optional side rails for beds, a dresser with a pullout laptop tray, a sliding bed table/desk, and under-bed storage.  Can't wait to see this in person!  I get excellent pricing on Stanley, so as always - if you're interested in quoting, contact me.

I would have loved this sliding table since I insisted on doing all my homework in bed and didn't want a desk.

This bed has optional protective rails for those who are new to the "big kid bed" world.

Gorgeous crib and dresser with hutch

Here are some detail shots of the dresser with hutch and crib.

I like that this laptop tray can be stowed  in order to access the drawers above, forcing your child to put away whatever is on it!