Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cool Custom Baby Bedding Site

"Robots" collection

"Way to Go" collection

Here goes - another post about nurseries, this time about bedding. 

In searching for tasteful crib bedding for a friend, I came across this very fun site that allows you to create custom crib bedding designs at a very affordable price.  The site is Javis Davis and they do custom children's bedding and doll bedding in addition to crib sets.

Their online too lets you choose fabrics from within a collection and apply them to several different styles of bedding to see what the finished product would look like.  You go to the page with all the fabric collections listed and click the link next to your favorite to pull up the design wizard using that collection.  You can email your creation to yourself or a friend when you're done.  Shown here are a couple that I made up, each of which cost around $260 for the set including bumper, sheet and skirt.

"Java Pear" collection