Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gorgeous Digital Photo Art

Dawn on the Irrawaddy, Paul Elson

While strolling the Chicago Gold Coast Art Fair a few weeks ago, we were stopped in our tracks by the stunning photographic art of Paul Elson.  Based in NJ, Paul has developed a unique approach to digital art that mixes photography with watercolor painting.  By using several iterations of photographing, printing, manually manipulating (painting or drawing on the printouts), and scanning, he develops works that defy categorization yet strike the viewer with their subtlety and seeming authenticity. 
Before pursuing this artistic avenue, Paul was a successful commercial photographer for Fortune 500 clients, traveling around the world for projects and winning industry awards. Since his shift in focus in 1999 to Photo Impressionism, he's attracted the attention of numerous photography publications and has successfully exhibited and sold his works both in the US and internationally.  Here is his complete bio.
Go to his gallery to view more of his works.  If you get the chance to see any of them in person, don't miss it!

Eight Boats, Paul Elson

Cassis, Paul Elson