Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Different Woodcut Artist

"Rubber Ducky in the Last Frontier"

Here's another artist we seriously contemplated buying something from at the Old Town Art Fair this weekend - her name is Jenny Pope and she also does woodcuts. Hers are compositions of animals she's presumably come across in her travels. There isn't any bio on her website, but there are plenty of images of her work. We met her at the fair and she was really nice.

"Sleeted Chicklets"

I love her color sense with the muted, retro feel she gives to all her work. I also love that these would look great in more contemporary or traditional homes. The colors make them feel really modern but the richness of the compositions and the variety of color within each one make them compatible with traditional spaces as well to some extent.

"Australian Spotted Jellyfish"


Kim said...

Wow, I absolutely love her work (and whatever is going on in her head). Maybe I'll get one of these (one of the little ones) when we move.

Erica Smith, ASID said...

Yeah, it does seem like something you would like. Let me know if you decide to buy something by her. They are great in person!